New Epilepsy Medicine Poses Danger for Medical Marijuana Activists

Medical Marijuana Legalization has been a hot topic for the past few years, with activists pushing for its endorsement by citing its medicinal properties in treating chronic disorders such as Epilepsy. And the debate is about to get much hotter: An experimental drug created from Cannabis plants in England has added fuel to the fire, generating heat between the Statehouses and U.S. Hospitals.

A New, Experimental Drug to Treat Epilepsy?

Experimental Drug to Treat Epilepsy

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Pure Cannabidiol

The experimental drug, known as Epidiolex is created from nearly 100% pure Cannabidiol (CBD) extract combined with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the prime compound which causes “high” among Cannabis users. The Medicinal Marijuana Industry is booming with CBD products, which are labelled with numerous health benefits.

The activists pushing for pot legalization are apprehensive about Epidiolex as well. If the organization which created the drug acquires Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Approval, it will be a huge political setback for the activists seeking legalization of pot.


Stepping in a Doctor’s Shoes

Pediatric Neurologist Anub Patel supervises clinical trials at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus and stated that the new medicine was perfectly designed to treat Epilepsy and formulated containing the most suitable combination of Marijuana compounds. Patel also pointed out a study, which revealed using the entire plant can have adverse health effects on children.

  • Children are often used as emotional cases to gain the attention and support of people, and Patel expressed his opinion that the Marijuana Activists were no exception to this case.
  • “People are mixing terms, mixing ideas. I’m not sure if that’s just because of confusion, lack of knowledge or on purpose” Patel said.


Stepping in an Activist’s Shoes

Marijuana Activists on the other hand are nervous about the creation of the new drug with the opinion that Epidiolex will be the first step of large corporations stepping in to legally claim Marijuana as their own and monetize the entire game. In their viewpoint, such corporations are only looking towards making a quick buck and will steal the basic rights of a patient to choose their own form of treatment.

What Researchers have to Say?

Wendy Johnson, representative of Cannabis Safety Association of Ohio said although the new drug wasn’t something to be fearful about, it was a concern to see Big Pharma stepping in and blocking access to the entire plant.

“We are not concerned with the pill (actually oil) form of a natural plant,” she said. “In fact, it is looked upon very unfavorably and as a stumbling block on our way to whole plant.”

Spokesperson Michael Felberbaum for the FDA said that there was yet to be discovered a botanical form of Marijuana plant which would be both safe and effective for medicinal use. Epidiolex would make history to be the first if it wins FDA Approval.

The Future of Marijuana in Medicine

Many research studies have found Marijuana to contain compounds which have medicinal applications for treating Epilepsy. Now activists are pushing to legalize the entire plant and medical experts are looking towards extracting compounds from Marijuana and converting them into medical pills. With both sides lobbying for their own purposes, one fact is clear: Marijuana will remain a hot, debatable topic with its medicinal potential to treat Epilepsy.

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