New Breakthrough – Using ERR Gamma Receptors for Diabetics

Diabetes is a condition in which the body is not able to synthesize glucose as a failure to produce insulin. This normally occurs when the pancreases fails to produce the optimum level of insulin for the body to break down glucose, which remains in the blood making it thick and hard to pass through small blood vessels.

High glucose level can bring damaging results to the patient’s body and develop several complications such as heart problems, kidney failure, slow blood clotting, internal blood coagulation, eye damage and even strokes.


  • Type 1 diabetes or Juvenile Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disease in which the patient suffers from high blood sugar for extended periods if caution is not taken to control it
  • In type 2 diabetes the body develops resistance to insulin and eventually fails in its capacity to produce the required amount of insulin within the pancreas.

Treatment and Causes

Diabetes gamma receptors

The popular treatment for Diabetes Mellitus is through injection of insulin which has to be done on a timely basis by the patient. Even though the causes are still unknown, the patient’s own immune system starts killing the islet cells responsible for producing insulin in the pancreas. In most cases the disease is inherited from family members meaning it’s hereditary, while environmental factors such as harsh climate and exposure to viruses might also cause it.

Problems in Treatment

  • Type 1 diabetes is treated with repeated injection of insulin where as in type 2 diabetes the patient has to maintain his blood glucose level through diet, exercise and oral medication. In both cases the patient must take care of the body to prevent it from collapsing into complications which can also be fatal in some cases.
  • The problem seems to persist no matter what remedies are applied to both types of diabetes. In many tests and experiments, scientists have tried to synthetically produce replacement cells in artificial environment but failed to accomplish to a perfect function.

ERR gamma Receptor

Recently, some researchers from Salk institute might just have brought a tangible solution in Medical science. Through a protein switch, the researchers were able to allow lab-grown cells to produce insulin at a normal rate. They have developed ways to control the ERR gamma switch that regulates the maturation of Glucose-responsive beta cells. The protein switch carries a lot of weight as a transcription component in the process and by engineering its ability to mature the beta cells, the lab grown cells can deliver the sufficient amounts of insulin required by the average body.

Tests on Mice

The first tests are carried out on mice with type 1 diabetes. The matured cells were inserted in the mice with ERR-gamma switch activated and within two months the mice showed remarkable results as half the number started producing normal blood glucose.


So far, the results on animal subjects (mice) have been convincing and effort is being put to move on human trials. Researchers are adamant to put this study into completion that one day it is possible to produce insulin ready beta cells extracted from stem cells of patients. The type 1 may final be rid of sticking themselves with needles and even get permanently cured.

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