Marketing Project

Marketing Project

Earning Potential : Earn Upto $30.00 Per Month for Facebook Sharing (Work Part-Time)

If you would like to share our articles on Facebook Groups etc, then you may be paid $0.02* per share.

Payment Method: Skrill

Payment Schedule: Twice per month

  1. For the Period of 1-15th     –   (Within 7 Days)
  2. For the Period of 16-31st   –   (Within 7 Days)

For Registration Please fill the form below, if you agree to the terms and conditions given below;

In case of any problem please contact:


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Only one user per household may participate.
  2. Payment will be made only for qualified sharing.
  3. Payment will be made only through Skrill.
  4. Payment qualification will be done at the sole discretion of this website.
  5. This project may be discontinued without any prior notice without any kind of liability.
  6. The potential amount earned will depend on the availability of tasks.
  7. Payment email for skrill will be used on which we receive your request / Name.
  8. *In our marketing project, due to some losses, it has been decided to reduce the rate of payment to $0.02 per Facebook share for the Facebook sharing project w.e.f. 24th May, 2016. NOTE: All screenshots received on or before 24th May, 2016 will be paid at the old rate.

In case of any problem, please contact :