Caring Tips For being Cool around Anxiety

Anxiety is among the many words that have been constantly ostracized in today’s society. “He’s just over reacting”, “you need to calm down”,that is what most people say when someone is suffering from an anxiety attack.Asit’s almost unlikely for people to feel how it’s like to become a prisoner of your own self, they mostly come as the rational cabinet of consolers – which never helps.

Unlike most diseases that are known to ravage the humanity out of people, the notoriety of this illness is does not come from what is does to the outside body. Anxiety develops into far worse than that, as it sets fire on the mind that controls the body.

What is like to be Around Me?

For many who cannot experience it, I can help them understand the severity of the sickness. It deceives the person into believing that things are going south, and you are being taken apart piece by piece – and this could happen when everything is perfectly fine.

Even if the ‘situation’, is the trigger around you, it will make you see that things are way worse than what appears to be.  Each time I try to reach out to myself, I get pushed back as though my body denies my authority over it – which ultimately leads to depression. And that is where the attack takes its peak, because it compels me to find room and refuse any help or assistance offered by people who are close to me. I am in need, and I am beaten back, but there is little that I can do to make it pass.

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The most difficult part of it comes when I have to face it, that no matter how hard I try right now, I cannot find any peace until the attack eventually passes. It’s like a series of periodic lashes that keep you up all night and without the sleep my body requires, I am a liability for others around me. It takes toll on my performance as a daughter, as a sister, a friend and as a coworker in my domain.

How do I Socialize?

When it comes to interacting with people who have anxiety attacks, you ought to be cautious about how you behave. Being an anxiety patient myself, I dearly understand how graveling we can be in front of others, and to know that is beyond our control. You don’t need to tell us if we are going cuckoo, we already know it! And telling us that might actually make it even worse because that is how chemicals in the body work.

The trick is to remain calm and be understanding, and I mean YOU! As the hormones and chemicals are toned down and the dust settles, the attack will pass in due course. But if you must know, never bring up something that is notorious formaking us uneasy as it wouldinvoluntarily trigger another anxiety attack. Just as it incapacitates us to be ourselves, the illness can be your darkest nightmare if you are someone to be around with. So when it tells you that you’re on the same tide as us, the best thing you could do it be the supportive person who remains with us through thick and thin, or leaves us alone when we need room.

And for the love of Humanity, please take responsibility for what you have caused. It is possible that you were the reason behind the anxiety attack, that you triggered it and now can’t seem to remember, I mean C’MON! I have been the subject to that and on even worst scenarios it occurs to people that saying adages like, ‘worrying is not the answer’ or ‘you need to calm down’ is just helpless. Do you really think that if it would have been that easy, wouldn’t we have already ceased to react when the attack took over.

Is it Easy Dating during Attacks?

Anxiety Do not Panic

Being in relationship with an anxiety suffering person is no child’s play. It involves giving the person attention when they demand, not when you can. This doesn’t mean that you should stay by their sides 24-7, but keep them accompanied when they are having an attack.

Anxiety attacks don’t knock on doors before they come in so if someone you care about is having an anxiety attack, never panic. The best deal to console them is ask him/her what they need. It about 9 out of 10 cases they are waiting for you to deliver that one thing they want but are too afraid to lay it out to you. Give them the warmth of trust and guardianship by assuring them that you are only here to help them. You don’t have to go for a run for something you know is beyond your reach; you can also just listen to what they are saying.

This will help you understand their illness better since everyone has a unique spot in anxiety disorders. Once they know they can depend on you they will never let the disease get the best of them.

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