Antioxidants in Diabetic Medicine Spreading Cancer

Whenever discussing health topics, especially aging and Cancer, it becomes impossible not to mention Antioxidants. These molecules are responsible for stopping oxidation of particles which release Free Radicals and ultimately cause harm to body cells. Antioxidants are often added into Diabetes medicine as an added health benefit.

New Research Findings on Antioxidant-Cancer Relation

Now, new studies have discovered that those added Antioxidants might actually be causing Cancer rather than preventing it. Although they may be vital for health, it would seem Diabetic medicine and Antioxidants do not form a safe combination.

In a research conducted by Science Translational Medicine, Antioxidants mixed in Type 2 Diabetes medicine were studied and potential risk of accelerated Cancerous growth were identified. Regarding the study, its Author Shicang Yu stated in Medical Daily “The administration of drugs with Antioxidant activity in Cancer patients, such as Diabetic patients with Cancer, should be carefully evaluated.”

What are Antioxidants and Free Radicals?

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What’s the Job of Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are responsible for inhibiting oxidation processes within cells. Oxidation releases Free Radicals, which not only damages cells but also causes various types of diseases by affecting DNA. Antioxidants occur both naturally and in artificial supplement form, such as Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Thiols.

Although definite results regarding use of Antioxidants remains to be verified, they are often prescribed to Diabetes patients because it is caused by oxidative stress and this in turn heightens risk of developing Cancer. Even so, recent studies debunked this myth and actually pointed in the other direction, stating that Antioxidants in Cancer patients might actually be worsening the disease.

Diabetes and Antioxidants: A Deadly Mix

In latest studies, scientists chose 2 different yet commonly prescribed Anti-Diabetic drugs with added Antioxidants and investigated their effects on mice and liver and colon Cancer. The drugs did not increase risk of developing Cancer, but on the other hand greatly increased chances of CancerMetastasis.

  • Metastasis is the spread of Cancer from one organ or body part to the other. Antioxidants mixed with Diabetic medicine indirectly cause this by inhibiting oxidation stress on Cancerous cells, which allows them to migrate to other parts of body and infect them.
  • For in-depth understanding of how this process works, scientists conducted experimentation on a cellular level and found the medicines triggered NRF2 protein which protects against oxidative damage from injury and inflammation. Triggering NRF2 protein had the adverse effect of activating other Metastasis proteins.

Cancerous migration of cells however, could be stoppedvia inhibiting production of Metastasis proteins by blocking out NRF2 proteins. To validate research findings, scientists examined 176 human liver tumor samples and established a relationship between NRF2 proteins and Cancerous Metastasis. The study revealed insight into relationship between Cancer and Diabetes as well as stopping Cancer from spreading to other organs.

So, is it safe to take my Anti-Diabetic Medicine for now?

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Scientists have established a distinct link between Cancer and Diabetes medicine, but further research is required to ascertain safety of these medicines containing Antioxidants. The study not only established a relationship but pointed out Diabetic patients who had Cancer which was actually growing, but the studies are pending clinical confirmation.

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